We are delighted you have chosen CIJS to fulfill your child’s educational needs. Educating your child is a responsibility we take very seriously.  It is our goal to provide a loving atmosphere that emphasizes development of the whole child.  We have qualified staff who are dedicated to providing quality education for your children.  Please take time to read our policies and procedures to determine if CIJS is a good fit for your child.  We encourage you to become an active participant in the school activities and programs we offer.  If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to talk to your child’s teacher or Principal.  We want the best for you and your child.

Please Note: CIJS is not a district school, we only reside in Osceola County.  Therefore, we have our own board and our own policies which are approved by our CIJS board based on state statutes and CIJS policies. This can be confusing for parents sometimes, because we reside in Osceola County.

Many, but not all of our policies are below.  These can also be found in the parent portal during your registration process AFTER you have been accepted in the lottery. Parents who have not been accepted in the lottery will not have access to these documents in their portal.

Click on the Link Below for the Parent Handbook  

Attendance is mandatory by law. See Florida Statute § 1003.26-Enforcement of School Attendance.  In addition to the state law, CIJS has implemented a policy that states, upon the accruement of fifteen (15) absences per year students may potentially not be re-enrolled the following academic year at CIJS. CIJS does consider excused absences as long as they are not excessive. However, excessive excused absences fall under the same category as an unexcused absence. See the Attendance Policy at the link below for details.

CIJS also reserves the right to remove any enrollment preferences for the student in the event the student accrued fifteen (15) absences in any given academic school year. Additionally, the student’s grade level promotion may be in jeopardy. He/she may not be promoted or graduate to the next academic grade for violation of CIJS’ and/or State law absence policies.

Please send any correspondences regarding attendance to attendance@CIJSstcloud.org

Click on the Link Below for the Student Attendance Policy and Agreement

While CIJS is not a district school and is not affiliated with the district, our charter states that we agree to follow the Matrix of Infractions for suspensions and Code of Conduct for Osceola County Schools with a few caveats which are explained in our attached policies.

Please understand that we are not at liberty to discuss another student or their consequences with you, but you are welcome to view the school policies to help determine what a potential course of action may be.

CIJS does not tolerate aggressive, offensive or abusive behavior and does follow the Matrix of Suspension.  

Click on the Link Below for the Discipline, Behavior and Code of Conduct Policy

Click on the Link Below for the Osceola County Matrix of Infractions

As always, please be reminded that if you have any questions or concerns, you may contact the office and schedule a meeting with the admin during a time that is convenient for both parties. We request 24-48 business hours to return calls.  We do not respond on evenings or weekends. With that being said, we always welcome parents, but we are not able to meet on demand as we have many other obligations as well.  Please follow the proper procedures for concerns which is notated on our website at the link below.

Please be kind to our front office staff as we work through a resolution. While concerns are infrequent, if they do araise, we do our best to handle situations as quickly as possible, but many times it is not an instant solution.  

We look forward to a great year!! Have a great day!