CIJS is committed to providing the best possible conditions for our parents and students. Part of this commitment is encouraging a frank and open atmosphere in which any problem, complaint, suggestion,concern or question will receive a timely response from CIJS supervisors and management.

It is the sincere intent of CIJS to be fair and reasonable with all parents/students at all times; therefore, any person who believes that he or she has been treated improperly or unfairly has recourse for resolution of such a complaint.

All complaints should be initially reported to the teacher (if applicable) as soon as possible after the incident occurs. If the situation is unresolved, the Principal should be contacted. A written report of all complaints should be submitted soon after the initial notification. Within any dispute resolution situation, all parents/students shall approach the facts and issues surrounding these matters in a discreet and confidential manner.

If the Principal is unable to resolve the situation within established policies and to the satisfaction of the parent/student, then IPS shall be notified promptly. Please present the problem, in writing, to senior management (Patty Marquis). At that time, she will consult with the other members of senior management for a resolution.

If a resolution is not reached with the management team (IPS), then the parent/student shall promptly notify the President of the Governing Board, in writing.

CIJS prides itself on communication and we will make every effort to problem solve in a quick, efficient manner, but please note resolutions are not always able to have an immediate solution.

CIJS is NOT an Osceola County Public school. While we reside in this county, we have our own Board and Policies. Any concerns are required to go through the CIJS resolution process. 

Please feel free to contact the CIJS Parent Liason with any concerns if you prefer. She can facilitate communication between you and your teacher, principal, management team, governing board etc.  However, she will refer you back to the resolution process if that has not been followed.

Hanadi can be contacted at

Please Note: While CIJS encourages parent communication and wants to resolve issues as soon as they arise, we require that meeting requests take place at a mutually agreed upon time during operating hours.  Typically, we are able to schedule a meeting within 24-48 hours of the request. It is NOT possible to meet on the spot.  Thank you in advance for understanding!

*CIJS reserves the right to request that any party leave the premises at any time if we become uncomfortable.  CIJS also reserves the right to trespass any party who does not abide by the Civility and Orderly Conduct Policy (9.63) that CIJS has adopted.