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A Few Things to Think About When Considering Meals at CIJS:
  • We will stop serving breakfast at 8:50 am. If you do not qualify for free, reduced meal is .30 cents , full price meal is $1.75 (We do not serve breakfast to preschool students.  However, you may bring your own IF you attend the wrap program and arrive before 8:00 AM.)
  • If you do not qualify for free/reduced lunch is .40 cents, the full price is $3.25.
    • Please know that if your child has food in their lunch box that we are going to assume that it is their lunch. If you intend on it being a snack only and you want them to purchase lunch, then please make sure you inform your teacher so they can ensure that they go through the lunch line.  (Preschool wrap students may purchase lunch or pack)
  • All students in the afterschool program (Pre-k thru 7th grade) get a snack and it is included in your tuition.
  • All students in the VPK Wrap program get an afternoon snack and it is included in your tuition. CIJS does not provied a morning snack,  but you may bring one if you choose.


Free/Reduced Lunch Application- To Apply, Please Click the Following Link.

Food Service Provider 

CIJS has contracted with SLA for food service. In order to purchase meals, you will need to make a “My School Bucks” account at the link below.


Please make a School Bucks Account for your child to purchase meals. If you already have an account at another school or in the Osceola County School District, you will need a NEW account with us. DO NOT use a MY SCHOOL BUCKS account from any other school!

When making your account, please use HEALTHY FOOD COLLABORATIVE, FL as the school district.  Once you make your account you will choose Creative Inspiration Journey School as your school.

Click on the Link Below to Access and/or Create a “School Bucks Account”

Meal Charge Policy 

A student that does not have money on their lunch account, will be allowed to charge up to $10.00. Upon reaching that balance, your child will be offered an alternative lunch meal until the account is replenished. That meal will consist of a cheese sandwich, fruit, vegetable and milk.  A charge will continue to accrue for these meals even though it is not on the regular menu.  Breakfast will not be offered until the account is brought back to a positive state.

If possible, A negative balance report and a negative balance letter will be sent to students. However, it is ultimately the parent/guardians responsibility to check your “My School Bucks Account” for your balance.

Click on the Link Below for the Food Inspection  Report  

Click on the Link Below for the Health Dept. Inspection Report

School Healthy Food Service RFP