Our Mission

Creative Inspiration Journey School of St. Cloud provides a groundbreaking, organized Reggio-inspired approach that offers interdisciplinary learning, through project-based experiences. We differentiate and enhance instruction through “gifted teaching methods”, that prepare every student for success in school and life.  Our curriculum features environmental responsibility through an agricultural component and reliance on repurposed materials.   We value compassion, mutual respect, creative and critical thinking, and collaboration, while recognizing the relevance of our actions locally, nationally and globally.

Our Vision

To establish an environment where children love to learn through collaboration, self-discovery, imagination, and creativity while interacting with others in a friendly and safe atmosphere.

Our School Facility

  • Create a warm and welcoming learning atmosphere filled with home-like furnishings chosen for comfort and durability
  • Integrate arts, sciences, math, literacy, and imaginative play
  • Teach the 3 R’s of our environment – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

Our Teaching Style

Creative Inspiration Journey School is an educational program inspired by Reggio Emilia. The curriculum is based on interdisciplinary learning. It is well-balanced and designed to foster each child’s growth in social, physical, cognitive, and emotional development.

  • It allows room for teacher and child directed activities that utilize critical thinking skills, communication and collaboration
  • Our children are competent, resourceful, inventive learners, capable of co-constructing knowledge while fostering their natural talents
  • We embrace a collaborative partnership inclusive of the community, parents, teachers and students