Creative Inspiration Journey School

Excellence in Early Education

Creative Inspiration Journey School was founded in 2014 as an early childhood educational program inspired by the groundbreaking Reggio Emilia Approach to learning.

What began as a small movement in the town of Reggio Emilia in post-war Italy, soon emerged as one of the world’s foremost childhood learning systems with a strong emphasis upon community, individual respect, and social responsibility.

The Reggio Emilia Approach is so powerful because it allows children to direct the learning process according to their own needs in a less-scripted, but structured  environment that gives students the chance to grow at their own pace both as individuals and community members.

Based upon these principles, our schools create a warm and caring environment where children love to learn through guided self-discovery, imagination, and creativity—while interacting with others in a friendly and safe atmosphere.

Our belief in caring for nature is steeped in the natural surroundings of our campus environment to help integrate the green philosophy we express on a daily basis.

The curriculum is well-balanced and crafted to foster each child’s personal growth in social, physical, cognitive, and emotional developmental areas.

It allows room for teacher and child directed activities utilizing critical thinking skills, communication and collaboration as core tenants.

Our children are competent, resourceful, inventive learners, capable of co-constructing knowledge while fostering their natural talents.

We embrace a collaborative partnership inclusive of the surrounding community, parents, teachers and students to help children become life-long learners who will excel along their future educational paths.

Excellence in Education is Our Mandate.

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For The 2022/2023 School Year! Enrollment Begins on Jan. 4 for the 2023/2024 School Year.

Meet the Managing Team at IPS

Patty Marquis, Sherri Schneider and Lynda Crane are the proud and dedicated managing members of IPS.


Curriculum Standards

CIJS curriculum promotes higher level thinking that is essential to mastering mandated core curriculum standards.

Art Facility

CIJS offers a state-of-the art facility. Children produce theatrical productions on stage, learn to cook in cooking class, and have access to the thousands of learning materials that facilitate their growth.

Music, Art And Drama

CIJS offers music, art, and drama as integral parts of the curriculum, not add-ons. Parents do not pay extra for these important learning opportunities that are integrated in meaningful ways into daily activities.

Project Based Learning

CIJS curriculum revolves around hands-on project-based learning—not worksheets. Learning opportunities are seized upon through interaction with these projects. Projects and learning are interdisciplinary: children learn literacy, science, art, social studies, and other subjects as they occur in real-world projects. As a result, learning is deep and meaningful, rather than rote and superficial.

Perfect Combination

CIJS collaborative learning provides the perfect combination of child-directed discovery and teacher guidance and encouragement. Children are taught to make predictions, and are guided to find their own answers. Through this process children learn to love learning and become life-long learners.