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K - 5th Grade Tuition Free
Public Charter School

Creative Inspiration Journey School of St. Cloud provides a groundbreaking, organized Reggio-inspired approach that offers interdisciplinary learning, through project-based experiences. Learn More

Reggio-Inspired Curriculum

This innovative learning path has been successful around the world for helping students with openness and responsiveness. CIJS focuses on the ways children think, understand, dream, explore, discover, and play!

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Project-Based Learning

CIJS believes that when students are interested and involved with what they are learning, they are able to retain and think outside the box to solve any problem in any situation. Each classroom is individualized in a way that best supports our guiding principles!

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CIJS helps students maintain an environmentally conscious philosophy. We use recycled materials for projects, promote the use of natural materials, and teach about the sustainability of ecosystems through the care of our animals and gardens.

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What Makes Us Different?

Innovative School

CIJS implements standards using a ground-breaking approach in an organized manner, through interdisciplinary learning. We integrate a project-based method of teaching with the Reggio inspired philosophy along with an agriculture based component.

Friendly Environment

CIJS uses multiple methods to teach and implement an environmentally conscious philosophy. Not only do we use recycled materials for projects, but we promote the use of natural materials within our environment.

Agricultural Experience

Agricultural education prepares students to be problem solvers, leaders, and entrepreneurs, through the use of its three-circle model. Classroom and laboratory instruction, leadership development.

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